We are all one.
When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is helped, all are healed.
Therefore, in the name of who I AM,
and I am one with all;
CONCERNED happen here and now, and through all time and space.
I give thanks that this is done.

Законът на Единното

Ние всички сме едно. Когато един човек е наранен, всички са наранени.

Когато на един се помогне, помогнато е на всички.

Когато един е излекуван, всички са излекувани.
Ето защо, в името на това, което СЪМ,

Аз съм в единство с всичко и всички;
Аз моля ЕДИНСТВЕНИЯ, КОЙТО Е НАЙ-ВИСШИЯТ БОГ НА ВСИЧКО, КОЕТО се случва тук и сега, във всички времена и в цялото пространство. Аз благодаря, че това е така. Така да бъде!


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02 - English


The sessions began on Jan 15, 1981
(Books I-IV published in 1982-1984; Book V published in 1998)
1.  Social memory complex = a large group of completely integrated souls -- or "group soul ” for short
2.  Mind/body/spirit complex = a person, human, or entity having free will
3.  Catalyst = a stimulus for growth, something that presents a challenge and an opportunity to learn a lesson.
4.  Density = a density of consciousness -- or density of vibration (B4, S78, 28). Frequently used by Ra as an analog to what is currently thought of as “dimensions ” in the Universe. The densities are organized into an eight-fold “octave ” system, analogous to the musical octave and the visual light spectrum. Therefore the higher the density, the higher the level of consciousness.
5.  Wanderer = higher-density soul that has volunteered to incarnate as human, with a contractual agreement to forget its true soul nature throughout its human life unless it consciously desires to seek the information.
6.  Harvest = also known by the more conventional term "Ascension." The process whereby a soul and / or planet “Graduates ” from one density to the next. Occurs naturally as a planetary system traverses through different areas of energy density in the galaxy, thus creating dimensional shifts. These shifts occur in precise, measurable cycles of time. Earth is very soon to make such a shift, and the scientific proof for this is featured in Wilcock‘s Convergence series at /.
7.  Distortion = anything that may erroneously be seen as a separate or individual unit, (since all is One,) including all philosophical ideas, teachings and concepts related to the Oneness as well as such things as the nature of light in the different densities ... since there is only One Light that has “distorted ” itself into an Octave.
The frequent use of the word “distortion ” has been a stumbling block for many readers of Ra, as it can apply to almost anything and is usually not considered to be a negative term. At times Ra refers to their own teachings being distortions, as they themselves have not fully penetrated the Octave and returned to Oneness.
8. Alignment = when discussing the questions the group would ask, the "alignment" indicated whether or not the questions were oriented positively (service-to-others or STO) or negatively (service-to-self or STS). Another "solved mystery" when reading the Law of One source texts is why Ra would keep asking for the ritual objects to be realigned.
[Example: "You may observe a slight misalignment between book, candle and perpendicularity of censer. This is not significant, but as we have said the cumulative effects upon this instrument (Carla) are not well." (B1, S21, 196)]
The group discovered that these statements actually had nothing to do with the positions of the objects; rather it was an "encoded" means of evaluating how positive (service-to-others) the questions for that session had been ... i.e. how much they had focused on the Law of One.
9.  This was the most that Ra could do, in terms of preserving free will by encoding the warning in the language of symbolism, in order to keep the group on track.
If the group asked too many "misaligned" questions, and did not listen to the symbolic warnings to cease and desist asking such questions, (i.e. asking about anything not directly oriented towards the evolution of mind, body and spirit,) then Ra would have no choice but to gradually allow themselves to be replaced by a negative entity.
This entity would masquerade as positive, and attempt to discredit the group by giving inaccurate information ... most commonly in the form of specific time-encoded prophecies of doom that would inevitably fail to come true. Modern channeling is replete with examples of just this. 
10.  This celestial response to "misaligned questions" ... i.e. the blending of negative entities into an apparently positive channel's message ... is said to be an un-alterable universal law. There is no protection against this except for the alignment of the questions being asked, and how well the lives of the participants aligned with the teachings being given: "Please guard your alignments carefully." (B3, S53, 23)
This is the main reason why almost all of today's channeled material is heavily distorted, and does not agree on many points with the Law of One series, or with any other material. The group became aware of this potential problem soon after Book One, and became far more careful to never ask "transient" or unimportant questions, as they were called. 
This Study Guide documents all of the major answers that Ra gave, including answers to questions that they didn't think were well aligned. We do this so as to present a well-rounded portrait of what information actually came through, to assist in your studies.
At the beginning of each session, Ra normally begins as follows:
RA: I am Ra. I greet you in the light and love of the One Infinite Creator. We communicate now.
At the end of each session, Ra normally closes as follows:
Ra: I am Ra. I leave you in the light and love Of the One Infinite Creator, Go forth, therefore, rejoicing in the power and peace of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.
NOTE: With the exception of a few stray instances in one session where Dr. Elkins was asking questions that Ra strongly did not approve of, Ra always prefaces any new statement that they make with the words “I am Ra. ” (Withholding this statement was another, even stronger "symbolic" means of warning that the alignment of the question was way off.)
The reader should know that Ra prefaced every quote cited in this book with "I am Ra", and that this statement was not included in this text in order to dramatically enhance its readability. Therefore when the reader sees “RA: ” in the text it is understood that the statement began with “I am Ra ” in the source document.
ADDITIONAL NOTE: Again, in order to enhance readability for larger numbers of souls, certain minor changes in the syntax of Ra‘s statements have been made. Every effort was made to ensure that these changes did not alter the core message in any way -- but now you can click on a link and check back to the source.
In order to be sure that you are quoting the source verbatim, please refer to the original texts, linked at the end of each excerpt back to or available in published paperback form through L/L Research Group at If you quote from this document without referencing the source books, please make note of that to avoid distortions.
CITATIONS: Each quote in this Study Guide ends with a three-part formula: (B#, S#, ##). The B is for Book Number, the S for Session Number and then the last number is page that the quote appears on, so you can check it if you own the series in paperback.  As of March 2005, each passage is also hyperlinked to an online encyclopedia in which the original, unedited, re-transcribed and proofread texts can be read freely.
Some mistakes were made in the original transcription, and certain transient and personal questions were initially omitted and later re-published in 1998, in Book Five. In the online encyclopedia everything reads exactly as it was given, with no alterations. Our hyperlinks go to the beginning of each session only ... so you can then use your web browser to do a Find (under Edit) on the word you're looking for to get right to that spot. Enjoy!

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